Academic Translation

Translation of academic texts written by academicians or students is a serious procedure requiring attention as much as original texts being an outcome of a crucial process of research. Academic documents are developed in a number of different fields and a need for translation thereof is arisen and of course expertise of translators in the relevant field is discussed. At this point, it is beneficial to have service from a firm having a number of translators with expertise on a variety of subjects and subfields.

All sorts of academic translations can be handled by our office with translators having expertise on different subjects and subfields. As suggested by the vision of our company, we adopt the highest standards in academic translation procedures as well as all other translation services. We continue our systematically constituted work flow with principle of minimum mistakes, maximum quality and optimum timing. Thusly, it is enabled that your documents are translated without any loss into another language and also the process is completed rapidly and without any problems.

Experienced and licensed translators are assigned for your academic translations. Said translators also have experience in academic field relevant to the original document. Before initiation of translations, field of the document is determined and assigned to a translator with best-fit experience and expertise. Of course, translations are also checked within and after translation procedure regardless of the expertise and experience of said translator.

Translation services in all academic texts

Translation of postgraduate thesis, doctorate thesis and thesis studies for different academic levels, international academic articles, scientific researches, reports, scientific articles for international publications, social researches etc. are within the scope of academic translation services. In addition, translation of official documents such as diploma, transcript, reference letter, essay, certificate of equivalence, exam results, etc. are also performed by academic translator experts.

Particularly considering international academic units, it is a better approach that documents are translated by experts rather than regular people as a command of language is not the same as a command of academic language. For example, an American citizen may not comprehend a great deal of an English academic document. This is due to the difference of academic terminology from daily language. Thusly, the ability to speak English is not the equivalent of the ability to make academic translation. People without technical and terminological experience or inexperienced translators can make crucial mistakes during translation of such documents and may render such document non-functional, inadequate and incorrect. Hence, you should prefer translation offices with expertise for such translation needs.

Who can make academic translation?

Ability to make academic translation necessitates having real translator qualifications. Of course, it is not the equivalent of competency of making translations in all academic subfields. It is an obligation that a translator has experience in different academic fields in a certain level. Mavi Translation Services assigns experienced translators with education from the relevant field for your academic translations. Thusly, we can conduct translations of all sorts of information and documents in different academic fields with maximum correctness, precision and without any problems. Translations of academic documents being a kind of career study that may affect your academic life are handled with this sensitivity and precision by our translators. As mentioned above, our service of academic translation is of high level qualifications and will enable conversion of an academic document or text into another language without any losses from the original document/text.

You may contact us for any questions about academic translations, procedures and quotes. We are at your service to provide you with the best translations rapidly and with competitive prices.