Extensive solutions for your translation needs in all areas are presented with classification in accordance with their fields. One of the most important components of our work flow is classification of a document and translation of the same by a translator with a special expertise on a particular field.


Mavi Translation Services Co. Ltd. is a translation office established with the aim of providing an expert service in patent translation field. It is hard to find a Turkish translation office which has expert staff on patent translations, is elaborate about the translation quality and enables terminology and stylistic variations in accordance with your demands. We aim to increase the number of translators having expertise on patent translation in Turkey and prevent your concern about your translations. In this regard, Mavi Translation Services provides you with the following advantages:

  • Consistent translations with the use of CAT tools,
  • Minimization of translation-based mistakes with translators who are experts in their fields, are punctual and enjoy making researches and translating,
  • Provision of terminology and stylistic changes in accordance with your demands,
  • Free editing of patent description figures,
  • Free editing of patent descriptions according to the requirements of the Turkish Patent Institute,
  • Customer-friendly understanding of our company,
  • Cooperative staff ready to help you about your questions and concerns.

Mavi Translation Services is a business with modern vision endeavoring to hold and strengthen its position within preferred companies of translation sector. It aims to provide global solutions for your international needs and satisfying individual and corporate translation needs with the best quality. We proceed translation procedures of commercial, academic, patent, medical, legal, etc. documents with translation documents produced by our expert translators. We may provide you with additional ideas about formatting of the Turkish Patent Institute and with a smooth translation procedure. You may contact us for all your translation needs right now, get detailed information and initiate a long-term collaboration.




Now that you are informed about the procedure and you have knowledge of the procedure will have importance for you to make your own planning as well. Compared to our costs and standards, we can guarantee that your translations will be of a satisfying level. We aim to be your solution partner for your translations now and in the future. Having all kinds of knowledge, experience, attention and principles, we aim to provide you with a qualified, reliable, consistent and timely service. Our work flow aiming maximization of customer satisfaction in addition to the aforementioned benefits is arranged as below:

Before Translation

  • Receiving of a translation request
  • Examination of original document’s field
  • Characters/words count and provision of a quote proposal
  • Delivery of the proposal to the customer
  • Approval of the proposal by the customer

During Translation

  • Classification of document in accordance with its field
  • Handing the document over translator(s) expert in the related field
  • Forwarding all terminology and/or stylistic change requests of the customer to the translator assigned

After Translation

  • Consistency control and spell check after completion of translation
  • Management of necessary changes in case of any deficiency or mistake determined during control phase
  • Deliver of correct and error-free translation to the customer in a formatting of request
  • In case of any request of change by the customer, management of said changes and final delivery to the customer