Legal Translation

Legal documents have expressions hard to understand even in one’s mother language. In almost all languages, law has a language with a special terminology and with serious interactions from foreign languages. Verbatim translation of terms in Turkish law system and unique terminology used in other countries’ law systems arises incorrect consequences. In consideration of synonymousness, a word may have several meanings in law terminology and one single word has a potential of changing the whole statement. Under these circumstances, it is of great importance that a legal translation is handled by translators with expertise on this field. Random translation of highly crucial texts like law texts may arise serious problems. For instance, for translation of a litigation, it is required that terms are converted properly and words without equivalency in Turkish are supposed to be translated with appropriate counterparts in accordance with the context.

In this respect, we enable that translators with expertise on law documents are assigned to your legal projects. Our translators have both a command of language and an experience in the related field. We have translators expert in legal translations in all languages within our extent of service.

You are safe with us

Legal translations are texts that may be required in a number of fields and have consequences leading to sanctions. Legal texts that you may need in commercial business and transactions and legal interpretations that you may need in private sector or public sector are handled meticulously by our translators.

Translation of legal documents constituted to be used in trademark and patent procedures are handled by translators expert in trademark and patent field. We have special endeavors in this field and you may reach detailed information in patent translations link easily. Moreover, we provide notary certified and certified translations for this field and all other fields. As some public authorities request notary certified translation for critical documents, it is possible for you to have this service from our translation office. Notary certified legal document translations are guaranteed by translators and the translation company takes responsibility for said translation. In this respect, certified translations and notary certified translations are highly reliable services. Again, you may reach detailed information from notary certified translation link.

Legal document translation for all needs

Legal documents may be translated to be used in all corporate and private fields. All sorts of information and documents including contracts, agreements, lawsuit petitions, adjudications, international agreements, international trade conventions, customs declarations, corporate contracts and certificates of formation, all kinds of documents relating to legislations and regulations are considered within the scope of legal translations.

It is a great necessity that all legal documents are translated appropriately for smooth proceeding of all processes and procedures for foreign companies with international trade service in Turkey and for Turkish companies with international trade service in foreign countries. As a translation office, we can provide you with all sorts of qualified translation services for all kinds of businesses and individuals. You may reach qualified translation services in international standards with us.

Our company functions with vision of translations with zero mistakes in both legal documents and all other translation services. We have adopted a company vision that necessitates our collaboration with all our clients for long terms and mutual benefit gains.

You may reach us for your legal translations at any time. We will be providing you with the service you seek with an optimum timing and a competitive price.