Medical Translation

Medical translation requires a substantial knowledge of terminology and necessity of expandability of the same when needed. Medical translation may be required in a variety of fields from pharmaceutical industry to medical device technologies. Pursuant to the regulations in Turkey, information and documents of all sorts of medical devices, chemistry industry products, pharmaceutical industry products and technological equipment for these industries must be prepared or available in Turkish language. For introductions of products into the market, examinations must be conducted before ministries and their licenses must be granted. Of course, the same method should be applied for export of techniques and technologies developed in Turkey as well. Almost all countries in the world necessitates that translations of products, techniques and/or technologies to be imported should be available in their languages. At this point, it is also noted that there are also some offices to accept certain languages for international validity.

Translation of scientific documents

In the field of medical translation, translations of documents including, but not limited to clinical trials, research texts, surveys, assessments and manuals may be requested. For instance, for introduction of a medication into the market, academic procedures including certain processes should be completed. Medical translation applications are handled by our company in all these processes. Our expert translators have knowledge of the industry, and make detailed researches for translations of newly developed technologies about the industry and can produce translations with standards high enough to meet your needs.

What is the difference of medical translation?

Chemistry industry, pharmaceutical industry and medical technologies may have a unique terminology further away from daily language. For instance, pharmaceutical terminology contains a number of Latin terms rather than the language of the original document. In that, for example mere knowledge of Turkish and English may not be adequate for translation of a document from Turkish into English. Moreover, it is of great importance that synonym terms are translated correctly. Of course, sensitivity of the sector is a sign for the requirement of high quality translation. Negativities that may be encountered due to incorrect translation of a medical technology is fairly different and troublesome compared to problems that may be encountered in other fields.

Consequently, it is crucial that medical translation procedures are handled by special and experienced translators with precision and carefulness. It may not be possible for a random translator to provide highly qualified service as delicate data is handled compared to other fields, and this field contains a language further away from daily language. We endeavor to present perfect outcomes by combining special translator teams and our experience.

Rapid and effective translation

As in all people oriented works, unusual circumstances may be encountered in translation implementations as well. By taking sector’s sensitivity into account, we have optimized our work course based on total quality systematics to be appropriate for all conditions. In a standard procedure, a planned and organized work flow is revealed and medical translation services as well as all other translation services are rendered foreseeable. It is possible for you to acquire qualified translations with no problems in terms of content, consistency and timing. You may contact us for detailed information, quote requests and translations.