Notary Certified Translation

In our country and in the world, notaries being a part of law mechanism are competent authorities for approval of information and documents before the state, and notation of the same as a true copy and within the concept of a procedure. Normally, translation documents do not bear responsibility for a translator. At this point, from time to time customers may suffer from mistranslated documents, and accordingly may prefer using notary certified translation service to be on the safe side or may be required to provide a notary certified translation in accordance with requests of governmental agencies.

Of course, translation offices are supposed to provide translations as qualified as notary certified translation in order to make continuous collaborations with their customers and as a consequence of adopting an institutional mission as a firm. However, not all translation offices handle translations with this mission. In this respect, our company provides you with translations of all sorts of documents including notary certified translations in a perfect way. However, as mentioned above some governmental agencies necessitate notary certified translation of some documents. In this case, you are supposed to deliver these documents to the relevant authority as having being signed and stamped and notarized by a notary. International legal documents, passports, identity cards, certificates of authority, certificates of formation, customs documents and similar official documents may be presented as examples. Our company may provide you with notary certified translation and sworn translation services in all fields of service.

What is required for notarization?

Public enterprises may reject documents not assigned from an official authority irrespective of circumstances. For example, a diploma granted by a foreign educational institutions should be translated into Turkish and notarized in Turkey to be approved by the authorities in Turkey. In that, you may give a translation of a diploma to an official institution, however it will not be approved due to the lack of notarization, thus notary certified translation is a request of public authorities.

In addition, a notary certified translation is a document that should be accepted officially. No public authorities, legal entities or individuals can protest against accepting documents with notary certified translation. Pursuant to Turkish laws, sworn translators notarizes translation documents before notaries and deliver the same to customers. Validity of these documents in the eyes of all official authorities are protected by law.

What is a sworn translation?

Sworn translation is a concept within scope of notary certified translation system. Translators-interpreters are assigned with administration of an oath by notaries. Translations signed and stamped by sworn translators are accepted without question. More importantly, as a sworn translations arises responsibility for a translator the resulting translation will have high standards. A translator guarantees in an oath that he/she will make translations correctly, completely and objectively. In case of incorrect translation, a translator may have legal sanctions and thusly, no translators would make incorrect translations. Our company presents highly qualified notary certified translations as well as non-notary certified translations. Documents with obligatory notarization may be notarized by our translators and be timely delivered to you.

You may work with us for high standards and smooth translation procedures. Our company combines sincerity and seriousness optimally and presents you the best translations within a rapid time frame with optimal prices. Our translators provides services with sector standards to present perfect outcomes for you. You may contact us for notary certified translations as well as all sorts of translation services at any time from communication channels presented in contact link, get detail information about translation and services and request solutions for your needs.