Patent Translation

Within the scope of intellectual property (IP) rights, all sorts of inventions, product developments, utility models and similar scientific and technical developments with a potential of providing trade interests are registered in the name of inventors. All financial interests to be acquired from an invention for a certain amount of time are protected by international laws such that an inventor individual or institution can gain profit therefrom. Of course, patent right is not a right with the obligation to be registered only in Turkey. All patents should be registered in accordance with requirements of international organizations in the country of interest. For a registration of a patent or trademark in Turkey, all information and documents should be translated into languages accepted by registration authorities.

Regardless of its language, all descriptions, warrants of attorney, application forms, commodity classes, complaints, pleadings and research files are translated by our company carefully. Our IP translation department assigned merely for IP translations consists of translators expert in subclasses of IP translations including, but not limited to, medical, pharmaceutical, technical, textile, automotive and telecommunication fields with graduations from biology, mechanical engineering, material engineering, chemistry, biology, medicine, etc. Regardless of translation’s field, we can provide you with a qualified, rapid and on time translations. Our staff with expertise in a number of fields such as chemistry, automotive, medicine, pharmaceutics, textile, agriculture etc. will provide you with a qualified translation service with optimal prices and due dates. Do not jeopardize your patents and trademarks

It is the most appropriate action for you to validate your patent applications, which will enable protection in only countries of application, in other countries as well by making individual applications into countries of interest or making use of EPO system to apply for European patents.

Considering globalization of the world, a correct translation process is an important necessity as your invention or trademark may be registered in the name of another individual or institution with malevolent purposes. In one scenario, it may be figured out that there is a risk for your patent protection due to incorrect translation of the original document, and some malevolent individuals may attempt to make advantage of this problem and apply for a similar patent. In another scenario, your international application may be rejected due to some translation mistakes even though an application has been realized. In order to avoid such problems, it is crucial that a formatting requested by the Turkish Patent Institute is presented, and a patent or trademark is presented to the authorities with correct translation thereof. Translation procedure should be handled with maximum carefulness and precision in order that an invention is not rejected by the authorities or protection scope of the patent is preserved. What you need to avoid such problems is that you contact with us and trust us for your patent, trademark and all IP translations.

Patent translations require experience and expertise

As mentioned above, it is hard and error-prone for an unqualified, inexperienced and non-expert translator to make IP translations. For instance, textile and medicine are profoundly unrelated industries and it is possible to note that these industries have highly different terminologies. What is important here is extent of expertise of a translator in different industries and his/her knowledge of subject as well as requirement of a high command of language. A translation mistake is certainly unacceptable. However, it is possible that you jeopardize your application, your patent/trademark, your reputation and your client’s trust by working with incompetent, inexperienced and unqualified translators or translation offices hiring such translators.

If you are willing to work with a solution partner that may provide you with a qualified service, is expert in its fields of service, has a vision of presenting you the best outcome, you are just in the right place. Mavi Translation Services having a particular expertise on IP translations can make patent, trademark and all IP-related translations for our individual and corporate customers. We present you a problem-free process with a systematic approach. We are aware of responsibility taken for international protection of intellectual properties and endeavor for long-term benefit of yours.

You may contact us for detailed information and enable immediate initiation of your patent, trademark and all IP-related translations. Our expert staff will be at your service to provide you support for all your questions and requests.