Pharmaceutical Translation

Pharmaceutics is one of the most sensitive fields representing medicine industry in general. Any texts to be prepared in this field with vital importance should be handled carefully and with precision. In that, all pharmacological data, clinical data and test results relating to a medicine presented to official authorities for licenses and authorizations should be translated in accordance with the original document. Hence, terminology knowledge of a translator is required and requested. Otherwise, all medical documents to be constituted based on an incorrect translation may lead to incorrect data and consequences to affect patients’ lives negatively.

Pharmaceutical translation is one of the translations fields that we can provide with carefulness, completeness and rapidness. As in all other translation fields, we deliver you qualified translations with delicacy, sensitivity and precision. Experienced translators with pharmaceutical knowledge are assigned for your projects. By revealing qualified translations and projects for pharmaceutical field in the past, we have provided our customers with a trouble-free process of translation. We are and will be continuing our endeavors today and in the future for provision of similar and even advanced qualities.

On a corporate level, we have adopted methods of international standards so that you may have qualified service within scope of quality standards and can satisfy for expectations in terms of quality, consistency, feedback and prices.

Qualified translation services

Pharmaceutical translation requires field knowledge. Translations and projects to be handled by translators experienced in medicine, pharmacology and chemistry can reveal appropriate, qualified and timely outcomes. A random translator or translation office may not have the competency of presenting qualified services for this field as each technical field has a special characteristics and a unique language called as terminology. It is an expected result that inexperienced and/or non-expert translators cannot acquire successful results for the relevant field. Similarly, it is normal for occupational groups with expertise on pharmacology, chemistry and medicine fields and an inadequate command of a foreign language to have difficulty in translations pharmaceutical translations. This may not be regarded as an occupational incompetency as translations of all sorts of technical level documents all around the world are handled by expert translators. Science is realized in scientists’ mother languages and they are not obligated to translate their techniques and technologies into other languages. Translation offices as experienced as our company specialize in certain fields and provide these services to other organizations, institutions, businesses and/or individuals.

Our role in these procedures in accordance with our vision is to present qualified and competitive results within this translation field. Pharmaceutical translation services provided to you with utmost capacity and consistency are compatible with all criteria mentioned above for revelation of qualified and satisfying results in an international level. Our office maintains these procedures within principles of total quality management and guarantees you with the best and correct outcomes. You may work with us for acquiring corporate level solutions for your translations and projects for your corporate and/or individual needs.

Corporate translation services

Our company meets your translation needs in a corporate level. Thanks to long-term collaborations with pharmaceutical companies, chemistry companies and all other companies with activities in medical field, we have a special expertise on this field. Also, due to adopting corporate management approaches, we may be able to provide services satisfying corporate company expectations smoothly. We are competent to meet expectations for translations required by said sector and industry with equipped and experienced staff. We can guarantee you a satisfying outcome even before initiation of the translation service. After your translation request in the pharmaceutical translation field, we can provide you with a systematic work flow and make competitive offers and optimal timing.

You may contact us for a smooth translation procedure and a foreseeable satisfaction for your translation requests.