Technical Translation

Technical translation having a number of subclasses and requiring substantial terminology knowledge is within our company’s areas of expertise. Translations of technical texts containing scientific data and having a profoundly complicated and unique language are performed by translators with expertise on the relevant field. Technical translation requires preservation of the language used in the original text. At this point, it is a necessity that original text is understood correctly and all contents including terms are translated appropriately as technical texts are delicate texts with the characteristics of an official document. For example, in case of any problems in translations of patent descriptions to be translated for intellectual property procedures may cause misunderstanding, rejection of a patent or even loss of your rights for said patent. Similarly, a mistake in an operating manual may cause problems for a manufacturer or importer before their customers.

Thanks to the experience owned by our company in special application areas, we can put our quality signature on translations of even unique texts. Our company adopts maximum quality standards and unconditioned correctness principles in all languages of our expertise. We conduct all localization and translation procedures that may be required in a number of documents from projects of industrial products to operating manuals and customs declarations with carefulness and precision. In addition, translations of documents including, but not limited to, environmental impact assessment reports, quality control protocols, academic texts, patent descriptions and feasibility reports are performed carefully by our well qualified translators.

Modern technology development and patent translations

Being one of the most important values of the last century, patent or trademark documents or registrations are not globally valid and require individual application and registration in all countries of your request. Patent ownership applied in Turkish before the Turkish Patent Institute are valid only in Turkey and it is a requirement that all information and documents for international patent applications are translated into English for European patent application and other languages for individual applications. At this point, it is of great importance that your technical documents are translated correctly and completely in order that you may not encounter any problems for your patent or trademark registration. Our company assigns translators with expertise in patent descriptions, trademark applications and all IP procedures for translations within trademark, patent and IP fields in general. We are highly competent to provide you with qualified and hig-level service particularly, but not exclusively, for this field.

We are in control with a perfect work flow

Technical document translation, i.e., technical translation, is mostly required for special implementations with time limitations. We are aware of your time limitations and complete translations within your limited due date with the best quality. We follow a systematical course for a rapid translation procedure for the best outcome and can comprehend your texts correctly and translate the same accordingly.

In case you have a technical document to be translated, after your translation request, field of the document is examined, length of the translation is analyzed and a quote and delivery date for your document is submitted. After your approval, the document is transferred to a translator with expertise on the specific area and translation is completed by said translator. After the completion of the translation procedure, the translation is checked for consistency of terms and phrases, grammar and spelling check. In case of any problems encountered at this point, a rapid intervention is provided and possible problems are eliminated. After rechecking, translations are delivered in accordance with formatting of your request. In case of any request for change by our customers, necessary arrangements are conducted and final delivery is carried out.

The best advantage of said work flow is that it is systematical and the process is foreseeable. Thusly, profoundly critical projects can be delivered on time even in unusual circumstances. We endeavor to acquire the best outcome under any circumstances and to be your business partner as a translation office that you may trust all the time for your technical translations.

You may reach us for detailed information, quote requests and technical translations.