Website Translation

Importance of websites has been increasing day by day now that internet has become an irreplaceable part of our lives and become available in houses, telephones, tablets and computer of almost everyone. It is known that translation contents of websites are as important as contents in the original language. Before mentioning the importance of website translations, it is of benefit to explain what a website is and why it is important.

What is a website?

A website is a platform in which a product, details, areas of service or benefits to be provided to its customers are explained and presented via a domain assigned just for a particular person or corporate. A website is specific for a person or company and in a sense it is your identity in internet platform. Information and details presented in your website have potential of enhancing or reducing your value in the eyes of people, and thusly website has a crucial importance for businesses or individuals. It is a highly important subject that your website is qualified and has a well-constituted content for your business and personal reputation. People with potential of making international business or with desire to present their products, services or company in foreign countries are well aware of this importance.

It should be acknowledged that our country is globalizing day by day and consequently when you want to introduce your company, sell a product or make collaboration with a company or person, you can provide them being kilometers away from you with information and details about your product or services only via your website. People being aware of this attach crucial importance to add qualified texts, attention-grabbing contents and images to exhibit a corporate image and draw attention of their potential customers or business partners. However, the same sensitivity is not exhibited while translating these website contents prepared in a language to another language. Nevertheless, the same amount of attention and sensitivity should be presented for its translation as well.

What is website translation?

Due to living in a globalizing world, it is a necessity rather than privilege not to be restricted by one’s own country and to be able to available for people all around the world. As mentioned above, your website is your identity in the internet platform. From time to time, website contents being an outcome of a great labor may be translated by incompetent people and even translators incorrectly and inconsistently. This may lead to negative consequences for your business and corporation for which you have spent so much time and energy. For example, on examination of translations of websites belonging to a company with a profoundly corporate image, we may see that sometimes contents of about 1000 words in the original language are explained with only a few sentences in a foreign language. In the eyes of a foreign customer willing to make collaboration with you, this may have implications that you have no business with foreign countries, that your company restricts itself with national customers only and that you are not a corporate company. In this case, a person willing to make collaboration with you or have a service from you may think that you do not care your work, do not have a corporate image and accordingly even he/she may have trouble about payment, post-sale services and similar subjects.

Hence, it is highly important that website content translations are handled by a translator being experienced and knowledgeable and having capability of understanding your needs and products. As Mavi Translation Services, we are competent to provide you with website translations which are handled by translators with field knowledge and excellent command of source language and target language, which are subjected to meticulous control phases and delivered to you without any problems. By assigning translators with experience and field-knowledge for your contents, we enable correct translations of terms and phrases in your field of business and enable a qualified language of your document in a foreign language as qualified as your original contents with translators with excellent command of language in both source and target languages. We are aware of the importance attached to your business and we act with this consciousness and responsibility.

For making use of our website translation services, you may contact us from communication channels and you may enable prominence of your company in an international platform with a qualified translation content.