About Us

Mavi Translation Services Co. Ltd. is a translation office established with the aim of providing an expert service in patent translation field. It is hard to find a Turkish translation office which has expert staff on patent translations, is elaborate about the translation quality and enables terminology and stylistic variations in accordance with your demands. We aim to increase the number of translators having expertise on patent translation in Turkey and prevent your concern about your translations. In this regard, Mavi Translation Services provides you with the following advantages:

  • Consistent translations with the use of CAT tools,
  • Minimization of translation-based mistakes with translators who are experts in their fields, are punctual and enjoy making researches and translating,
  • Provision of terminology and stylistic changes in accordance with your demands,
  • Free editing of patent description figures,
  • Free editing of patent descriptions according to the requirements of the Turkish Patent Institute,
  • Customer-friendly understanding of our company,
  • Cooperative staff ready to help you about your questions and concerns.

Our company realizes translation services in a number of fields including patent, IP, medical, legal, pharmaceutical, notary certified and website translation in a variety of languages including, but not limited to English, German, Russian and French with the best qualifications within total quality standards. You may acquire outcomes beneficial in a number of fields within the scope of solutions provided for all your small-scale or large-scale projects.

What is translation?

Translation is a service required in many fields in our day and used for conversion of official or non-official documents from a language to another language in an appropriate and consistent fashion. Translatorship being one of professional occupational groups enables revelation of qualified outcomes provided that it is a service handled systematically by expert translators, thusly customer expectations may be satisfied without any problems or delays. Having adopted completeness, correctness, consistency and timeliness principles, you may make use of our services and witness our systematic work flow and qualified translations.

Fields of translation service

Mavi Translation Services can provide translation services in all fields of languages mentioned above. Also, we may provide you with notary certified translation services and take 100% responsibility for translations. We are competent to provide qualified services in all translation fields including, but not limited to, patent  translation, IP translation, legal translation, technical translation, academic translation, pharmaceutical translation, medical translation and all other kinds of translation fields. For sustainability of best results, we are working with translators with Philology graduation with field knowledge or graduates from other departments such as Law, Medicine, Engineering, Chemistry, Biology etc. with excellent command of languages, i.e., source language and target language. Our services of translation are directly proportional with your needs. Aforementioned languages and translation fields are merely exemplary, and it is possible for us to provide you different solutions in case of translation needs in fields different than those presented here. Within our customer-oriented working system, we may be able to offer you various solutions after detection of your needs.

Translation Process

When a translation need arises, you may contact us and notify us about your request. Our expert will classify your document and perform a preliminary examination in accordance with its field. Word count and our offer for said translation will be provided to you along with delivery date. After approval of proposal, said document will be assigned to a translator having special expertise on the relevant field along with provision of your special requests, and translation of the document will be completed by said translator. After completion, redaction phase will be initiated and the translated document will be examined in terms of grammar, consistency and spell check. In case of any problems during this phase, necessary arrangements will be made and complete and consistent translation will be delivered in accordance with formatting  of your request. In case you ask for any changes as a consequence of your examinations, changes and arrangements of your request will be conducted and the final translation will be delivered to you. If you would like to make use of notary certified or sworn translation services, the translated document will be subject to notary approval procedure and be delivered to you.


Our vision is to provide qualified services, produce national and international benefit, contribute to the development of translation sector in terms of quality and employment of translators and to contribute to the development of  a number of fields with our translations with qualified, complete, consistent and timely services.


Our mission is to provide continuous and timely services to our customers, enable unconditional satisfaction of a customer and to reveal outcomes representing their constant satisfaction as a solution partner in translation procedures.

Our corporate values

Quality standards are our first priority.

  • Customer satisfaction is one of our leading corporate values.
  • We adopt openness principles for the best outcomes with honesty by not misdirecting our customers with incorrect or incomplete information or impractical promises.
  • We respect laws and abide by its requirements reliably.
  • We believe in life-long learning and endeavor to improve ourselves all the time
  • We work hard to develop procedures in accordance with universal working principles.

Mavi Translation Services is a business with modern vision endeavoring to hold and strengthen its position within preferred companies of translation sector. It aims to provide global solutions for your international needs and satisfying individual and corporate translation needs with the best quality. We proceed translation procedures of commercial, academic, patent, medical, legal, etc. documents with translation documents produced by our expert translators. We may provide you with additional ideas about formatting of the Turkish Patent Institute and with a smooth translation procedure. You may contact us for all your translation needs right now, get detailed information and initiate a long-term collaboration.