Translation is defined as one of the communication needs of globalizing world. It is a necessity to perform text-based communication by means of common languages or languages of countries in order to interact in commercial, social and academic fields and to maintain activities in said countries.

Moreover, translation service is also a legal obligation in terms of official acts. For example, for conducting exportation into a country, certain procedures should proceed before the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Customs and Trade of said country. When you export a product to USA, you should have licenses, warrants, quality certificates and all documents relating to customs clearance available in English. On the contrary, during importation from USA into Turkey, original documents should be translated into Turkish and all documents should be presented to official authorities in Turkish language.

Of course, there is not translation need only in commercial area. If you would like to have education in a foreign country or want to publish your articles in foreign publications, these documents should be translated into said languages and you should present your present curriculum to academic units in their languages. Documents such as diploma translation, transcript translation and recommendation letter translation may be required. In addition, it is a requirement that you have translation of your documents in case you apply for registration of your patent in another country. For example, in order to apply EPO for a patent existing in Turkey, you will need English translation of your patent specification.

Besides services mentioned above, our company will provide you with extensive solutions for your special needs. You may have service from us for your corporate or individual translations and acquire qualified results easily. Main translation fields provided by Mavi Translation Services are given below:

Patent (IP) Translation

Translations of patent applications, oppositions and/or examination documents requested by the Turkish Patent Institute and other international patent institutions for acquirement of patent documents with international validity and securing of your patents are conducted within scope of patent translation services. You can minimize translation-based mistakes with our translations handled with high precision, accuracy and timeliness principles with the most detailed way with our office. By collaborating with our company having special expertise on patent and all IP-related documents, you will eliminate the risk of jeopardizing your patent rights acquired as a consequence of your efforts, time and energy due to mistranslated documents.

Medical Translation

Medical field and thusly medical translation is an important field essential for ongoing commercial and academic activities in areas of medical devices, medicine techniques and technologies. In this translation field requiring specialty, we can provide you with highest standard solutions for corporate customers, academic units and individual needs. By choosing us as a translation solution partner, you may be a part of a health translation procedure with complete, correct and timely translations knowing that your documents being results of your efforts for days, months and even years are handled by expert and experienced translators.

Pharmaceutical Translation

Being one of subfields of technical translation, pharmaceutical translation services are regarded as a unity of services aiming to satisfy translation needs of medicine industry with a serious potential and with requirement of constant development and these services are provided to you by Mavi Translation Services with assignment of highly competent, experienced and expert translation in pharmaceutics. By choosing us as your solution partner, you may have a healthy and smooth pharmaceutical translation procedure with financial consequences in consideration of high costs, moral consequences in consideration of potential of affecting human health and legal consequences in case of any incomplete or incorrect data in your documents.

Academic Translation

Within the scope of academic translation services, we may provide you with thesis studies in academic field, examination results with international qualities, academic articles to be published in international publications and all documents required for education in foreign countries are handled by our translators expert in academic field meticulously. Preference of our company during this procedure will enable you to do through a smooth translation procedure for your academic documents being an outcome of your labors and problem-free delivery of translations to you.

Technical Translation

In technical translation field having a wide range of services including patent translation, medical translation, academic translation and pharmaceutical translation, it is highly crucial that texts mostly prepared by engineers expert in their fields are translated correctly and completely by translators with expertise in said fields. We have a number of experts in our company including, but not limited to, philologists, mechanical engineers, material engineers, computer engineers, lawyers, chemists and biologists, and all translation services are provided with a systematic approach for outcomes of high quality. You may have rapid, qualified and timely translations by contacting with us.

Legal Translation

It is highly crucial that legal translations are handled appropriately, completely, consistenty and timely for arrangement of international businesses and procedures, acquirement of accreditations, actualization of customs control and smooth proceeding of all other legal procedures. Legal translations along with all aforementioned translation fields are handled by our company with legal translation function. Our translators are competent to provide you with qualified, experienced and timely service in all languages and fields.

Notary Certified Translation

All translations subjected to notary approval accepted unconditionally by national and international authorities are regarded as notary certified translations. In this translation method, sworn translators taking all responsibility for correctness and objectivity of a translation and realizing approval thereof by a notary are assigned for such translations. Notary certified translations which are requested by individuals or company at their own wills or by an institution stipulating such translations are within areas of translations that you may acquire from our company without any problems. We endeavor to facilitate this process for you with our sworn translators in a number of fields and areas.

Website Translation

As internet has become an irreplaceable part of our lives, website translations has become a prominent service. Your website is the identity of your company and can provide important information and implications about a business, an institution or an organization. Translations of websites prepared meticulously in its mother language are not handled with the same attention while being translated into other languages. In this respect, as a company being aware that a translated content of your website is as important as the original documents, we aim to provide you with a qualified, consistent and timely service.

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