German Translation

Mavi Translation Services provides you with translation in English, German, Russian and French as well as all other languages in accordance with your request. You may have all these translation services from Turkish into these languages or from these languages into Turkish from our company. We may ensure legal translation, technical translation, academic translation, pharmaceutical translation, medical translation, patent translation and translation services for general purposes for all languages within our services and you may use sworn or notary certified translation services as well. We assign expert and experienced translators for all these languages and we endeavor to meet all your translation needs from small projects to huge projects in a best way with competitive prices.

Due to highly advancing relationship of Turkey with Germany, German translations are preferred for a number of documents in a variety of businesses and procedures including serious activities in industry field rather than English. It is a requirement that you make use of German patent translation services in case of patent application in Germany for IP-related documents. Similarly, diploma, transcript, letter of recommendations, examination result and all other information and documents for purpose of academic education in Germany should be available in German. Translators expert in almost all classes of German translations are assigned in our office. We can provide solutions with utmost quality for your German patent, technical, academic and other documents in differing fields. It is possible for you to reach solutions within frame of systematic approach with us under optimum conditions. We will be providing you within scope all our knowledge with smooth translation services for your healthy business relationships and academic relationships with Germany being one of the countries with intensive importation and exportation activities,